Working Together to Beat Childhood Cancer

Ava - our "Little Star of Hope"

Every year in Australia over 800 children are diagnosed with childhood cancer. 20% of those children do not survive their battle. That is the disheartening reality facing many Australian families every day.

Over the years, with the help of people just like you, the ALCCRF has raised over $10 million dollars for childhood cancer research - and has supported countless Australian organisations leading the fight against childhood cancer.

We believe that every child deserves a chance at a healthy life and every parent deserves to watch their child grow up. That’s why we are so firmly committed to our goal of helping to create a 100% survival rate for children with cancer.

But we can’t do it alone! - we need your support!

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Supporting Those Who Can Make a Difference

The Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation (ALCCRF) supports high impact cancer research programs not just across Australia, but throughout the world.

By allocating funds to the very best scientific programs and clinical research trials, we can ensure that childhood cancer research is consistently making strides toward our goal of making childhood cancer 100% survivable.

For more information on the impacts of the trials we fund, and the research projects we support visit our Research & Partners webpage. 

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MGSM and the Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation (ALCCRF) have partnered in a comprehensive study into childhood cancer research and the role of philanthropy in Australia to overcome the critical funding challenges facing researchers in the battle against this disease. The hope of the MGSM research team is that the childhood cancer research community in Australia can translate the findings into tangible actions to build research capacity for childhood cancer research through informed giving.