After their son had suffered from flu-like symptoms for almost four weeks, Flynn’s mum Kellyanne was quite concerned that he wasn’t getting better, and brought him to their local hospital in Wagga Wagga. Doctors there recognised Flynn’s symptoms, and delivered the devastating diagnosis that the little boy had acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. He spent the next few days there, until he was airlifted to Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick.   

Treatment started straight away – coincidentally on his fourth birthday – with a course of steroids to treat the leukaemia. The steroids made him extremely irritable and also increased his appetite dramatically, but his family could only watch as he struggled with the side-effects.

After a week in the Hospital, Flynn was discharged as an inpatient, but had to return almost daily for tests. He continued treatment, and his mum stayed close to the Hospital with him for the next two months.

After returning home, Flynn was quite susceptible to illness, and on more than one occasion was rushed to the Hospital at Wagga Wagga after developing a temperature. He also spent some time at Griffith Hospital, at one point being admitted three times in just six weeks.

Despite all the upheaval in his young life – travelling to Sydney every two weeks, invasive treatment, and the discomfort he suffered – Flynn is a very happy, upbeat little boy who likes to visit the Fairy Garden in the Hospital. Kellyanne says the Hospital is a really positive place to be. “Flynn’s doctors and nurses are just fabulous and really treat you like family. You also bond with other patients and parents going through the same thing as you are. It just makes it that little bit easier to cope,” said Kellyanne.