Rethinking how Australians fund childhood cancer research

MGSM and the Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation (ALCCRF) have launched a comprehensive study into childhood cancer research and the role of philanthropy in Australia to overcome the critical funding challenges facing researchers in the battle against this disease.

The “Donors without borders: Rethinking Childhood Cancer Research Funding in Australia” report engaged key opinion leaders in childhood cancer research, philanthropy, the medical and health sciences and government across the country to find better ways of combatting childhood cancer both in Australia and around the world.

It found that new thinking is required about how we approach childhood cancer research, given the rarity of childhood cancer, the new knowledge about ‘cancer’, the high costs of research and the extensive development time required for new therapies.

“Our research found that ‘health and medical research is from Mars and philanthropy is from Venus’,” said Brenda Santiago, Project Director.  

It found that while it is clear that investing in childhood cancer research is a gamble, increased collaboration is able to dramatically improve the odds.”

“The report highlights the importance of and need for different forms of collaboration across all borders in order to help children ‘slay the dragon’ and achieve 100% survival rates for children with cancer,” said Dr Joe Collins, Founding Chair and Trustee, ALCCRF.

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