Lions Biggest BBQ

Tuesday 1 March 2016

Lions Biggest BBQ is an annual fundraising event undertaken by many of the 1,400 Clubs across the country. This year the BBQ can take place at any time during March, April or May, when it best suits your Club. Funds raised will be used to help achieve ALCCRF's mission to prevent kids with cancer dying by raising funds nationally and donating these funds to the best scientific and clinical childhood cancer research conducted right across Australia.

NEW!! - BBQ Aprons available for purchase

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Promoting Lions Biggest BBQ in your Local Area

Contact Peter Lamb or, for further advice, speak to your District PR Chairman. 

Thank you and good luck for Lions Biggest BBQ activities.

For more information contact:

PDG Peter Lamb, Trustee
(P) 08 9581 6150
(M) 0414 474 121


Sunday 14 February 2016