The Lions Rose

The original idea for a Lions Rose started in 2000 at the Lions club where Wilhem Kordes (Kordes Roses - Germany) is a member. The Club wanted to start an activity for the Friedensdorf Oberhausen (peace village Oberhausen) where heavily injured children from war torn countries are taken care of with the aim that they go back to their countries after successful recovery.

After receiving approval from LCI, the rose was officially named in a ceremony at the Kordes gardens in Sparrieshoop. It then went on to be released for sale in 2002. In the same year, it also received an award due to its great disease resistance.

Since its release in 2002, the Lions Rose has raised over AUD $384,000 for Oberhausen and is one of Kordes most successful rose releases to date.

This rose has been hugely popular overseas and has raised a great deal of awareness of our Lions Organisation throughout the world.

Based in Portland Victoria, Treloar Roses (Australia's Leading Supplier of rose bushes) have been supplying bare root rose plants / bushes Australia-Wide for more than 45 years.

Following discussions and the signing of an agreement between the Foundation and Treloar Roses, ALCCRF will receive $1 for each rose plant sold anywhere in Australia from 2012 on.

We ask Clubs and their members to support this initiative by purchasing the rose and / or promoting in your local community. They make a great guest speaker gift in place of flowers or wine.

An online order form is available here on the Treloar Roses website for your convenience.

Thank you in anticipation,

John Thorpe Trustee ALCCRF